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Stonewood Members have unlimited access to proposal software that transforms your client experience.

Generate custom reports to analyze, compare, and strengthen the savings strategies you're delivering to clients.

See the growth our reports can generate for your practice, or learn more about our report types below.




Income & Tax Analysis Software

Evaluate how much income and taxes your client's current retirement strategy can generate - and compare it to IUL.

Income Analysis Software can compare retirement income from a qualified account, taxable accounts and even Roth accounts.  

Total Tax Burden Analysis

Total Tax Burden Analysis

Taxes are the biggest retirement risk most savers have never considered.

Tax Burden Analysis software projects your client's total potential tax burden in retirement, and demonstrate the value of tax-free - in dollars and cents. 

This signature Stonewood report is available exclusively through Premium Membership.


Wealth Analysis

IRAs are a flawed way to leave a legacy, and an inefficient way to grow wealth. 

Wealth Analysis Software compares growth and legacy potential from a qualified or taxable account and IUL.

Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis

Have you heard the objection, "Isn't IUL an expensive way to save?" It's often false - and now you can show your clients why.

Cost Analysis Software calculates the total cost of an IUL policy, and transforms those costs into a single percentage for comparison to other strategies.


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