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"Any fool can know. The point is to understand." – Albert Einstein

At Stonewood, we understand that knowledge and confidence are critical ingredients to a thriving practice. Our experts have crafted training events that lead the industry where it matters most: results. 

Stonewood Premium Members enjoy:

  • IUL Masters Academy live & virtual training conferences
  • Monthly Study Group calls
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Practice development support
  • Staff training 
  • And more

Stonewood Select Members enjoy:

  • IUL Select Academy online course
  • Monthly Select Study Group calls
  • Monthly Roundtable calls

Choose from some of our most popular events below.

IUL Masters Academy Training

Exclusively for Premium Members

IUL Masters Academy is the industry's premiere training and practice transformation event. Advisors from coast to coast have praised this training as the best they have ever attended - period.

IUL Masters Academy Training | Learn today's best-converting sales stories for savers of all ages - including Baby Boomers. You'll discover how to create tax-efficient retirement income plans for your clients, how to best structure IUL to meet client goals, and more. | Next Training Date

IUL Select Academy Course

IUL Select Academy is a powerful online course teaching advisors how to dramatically grow their practices with IUL. This training targets the opportunities for active savers in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

IUL Select Academy Course  | Learn today's best-converting sales stories, how to position IUL as a 401(k) alternative for today's active savers, how to best structure IUL to meet client goals, and more. | Start Training Now

On-Demand Learning

Want to experience what Stonewood learning is all about? Chose one of the on-demand trainings below for a sneak-peek. 

Differentiating Your Practice with Taxes | Learn five powerful ways to frame the tax conversation while prospecting and meeting with clients. Click here to watch now.

The Tax Impact of IRA-to-IUL Conversions | We know converting qualified funds to tax-free can potentially save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. But what's the immediate tax impact? Click here to watch now.

Stonewood Study Group

Stonewood Study Groups are monthly calls on the latest industry developments, sales ideas, and continuing education. Curious what you could learn? Watch a recording below.

4 Steps to $800k | Learn the four steps one advisor took to grow his practice by $800k last year - and how you can incorporate the same strategies for your practice. Watch recording now.

Marketing Strategies for Distance Advising | COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. Learn strategies for prospecting, marketing and meeting - all from a distance. Watch recording now.



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