Laura Deignan

Job Title: Marketing Manager 

What you do at Stonewood: As the Marketing Manager, I monitor the account creation of our various user types as well as manage the software, resources, and reports on our platform. I also create content for and manage our social media accounts. I work with our members to fulfill standard book orders, manage the book customization process, and create digital books. I orchestrate both virtual and in-person events for individuals within the company and the company itself.  

Favorite part of your role: The amount of collaboration I have with my coworkers. I am constantly working on different projects with each of them. They are so supportive and challenge me to become a better professional and version of myself. 

Fun fact about me:  I lived in Spain for a summer. 

Background and Education: I studied Business Marketing and Management at the University of Kentucky Gatton School of Business. 

Community Involvement: I volunteer at the Franciscan Soup Kitchen and Home of the Innocents in Louisville, KY.

Hobbies: In my free time, I love spending time with my family and friends. I also love walking my dog Mayla, working out, hiking, and going to concerts and sporting events.

What we love about Laura:  Laura goes out of her way to provide each of our members with top-notch service. She is organized, efficient, and able to handle each challenge with grace. Never one to complain, Laura meets each task with a can-do attitude. She is a valuable member of the Stonewood team and member experience!


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