Marketing Programs

Stonewood Members access powerful prospect-to-close marketing programs that can generate six-figure revenue for your practice.

Whether you’re marketing to young professionals, Baby Boomers or anyone in between, our marketing programs make it easy to find new prospects and better ways to close business. 

Stonewood offers two ways to access our programs:

  • Premium Membership, which delivers comprehensive tools for savers of all ages - including Baby Boomers
  • Select Membership, which delivers targeted tools for active savers in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Here's what Stonewood delivers for your prospecting and marketing efforts: 



Seminars & Webinars

Group marketing materials sure to attract new prospects - and increase wallet-share from clients.

  • Compliance-reviewed presentations
  • Key topic modules
  • Presentation training
  • Turn-Key Webinar programs


Industry-Leading Books

The most effective books in the industry - easily incorporated into your sales process.

  • Wholesale pricing
  • Custom book program - featuring you and your practice
  • Digital and print options


Client Brochures & Handouts

Strategy support, meeting tools, white papers and more - all to support your sales process.

  • Print and digital options
  • Customized options for your practice

Digital Marketing

Lead Funnel Tools

Stonewood experts and expertise helps you generate quality leads for your practice.

  • Automated webinar programs
  • Lead funnel tools
  • Website and social media resources

Our Signature Prospect-to-Close Marketing Programs 

The New Holistic

The New Holistic Retirement

Exclusively for Premium Members

Help clients of all ages create a more complete retirement savings approach - balancing growth, protection and taxes to maximize retirement income.

  • Elevate the tax discussion to attract and convert new clients
  • Analyze taxes and income potential between traditional qualified strategies, taxable accounts, Roth accounts and IUL
  • Create tax-efficient retirement income strategies for your clients


The No-Compromise Retirement Plan

Exclusively for Premium Members

Expose the biggest compromises Baby Boomers make in their IRAs - and show how IUL can overcome them.

  • An IRA-to-IUL conversion program that's fully compliant
  • Resources from webinars and seminars to reports and scorecards
  • Analyze taxes, income potential, and risk between traditional IRA strategies and IUL
  • Create tax-efficient retirement income plans for your clients

New Rules

The New Rules of Retirement Saving

Are your prospects saving with outdated rules? Show them how to better plan for today's tax and market realities. 

  • A 401(k) alternative for active savers
  • Resources from seminars and brochures to reports and scorecards
  • Evaluate tax, income and risk potential for traditional 401(k) strategies and IUL
  • Use custom reports to evaluate IUL on growth potential, performance, and cost

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